Mohammad El-Abid

Software Developer/Engineer in Seattle, WA, USA mohammad @

I'm a software engineer currently working at I'm actively looking for new opportunities in the Los Angeles area for device software (iOS, etc). I have had a strong passion for coding and treating it as a craft since I began when I was eleven. I'm specialized in backend services, and quality.


Software Development Engineer II

I began, and am currently, back on Digital Ordering eXperience (DOX) at Amazon. We handle the digital "create order", "retrieve order" and other ordering related APIs. Despite being "digital ordering", we also handle other businesses like Prime Now Resturants, due to their low latency requirements. We use Kotlin and GraphQL to offer a strong, resilient, easy, low latency service.

I transitioned to more of a QA role for a year and a half (Feb 2017 - July 2018) due to my passion for code. It was a great learning experience getting to focus on what makes code: good, bad, maintainable, and testable. Helping launch Digital and Physical bundling, I also helped write test plans and catch issues before the launch date.

I spent a brief time on Alexa Mobile Accessories, a team enabling Alexa (voice assistant) on bluetooth devices. I helped build our iOS Alexa App to include the necessary features for GAT devices and I helped launch Echo Auto. As we were establishing our APIs I also conducted a workshop with a third-party hardware developer to help them on-board more quickly.

August 2015 - Present

Web Developer


I began my professional career in 2011 building Ruby on Rails web applications. I was normally contracted by an entrepreneur with their concept and not much else. I would sketch out the website and flow, as a sort of requirements documentation and get an agreement on that before building their product from the ground up. Being the only technical person on the project in many of this situations, I also ended up managing the hosting as well.

January 2011 - September 2013



I'm a pusher for the highest bar possible for quality. I try to encourage my teammates to write the best code possible with the least amount of tech debt. Business code shouldn't need to be re-factored. The best code is small functions that accomplish one thing each. Letting the business logic read off like English.


I've helped execute many small-company webapp products. Taking the requirements from the visionaries to create a sketch/design before executing. Executing their ideas, normally independently, and bringing their webapp to the market.

Backend Services

I've been working on's digital ordering services for three years. From the product pages on to a low latency ordering system, and a state of the art royalty system. All of these systems have to be fault tolerant, scalable, maintainable, and monitor-able.


I specialized in testing at as an SDE-T for a year and a half. I focused on best practices to make code testable and maintainable and giving advice to my peers. I helped write and train others in writing Test Plans to catch issues before they're surfaced.



I've been working on robotics and microprocessors since I was fifteen (2008). I started off building kits like Parallax's BoE and Walker. And then began 'hacking' random electronics like RC cars and electronic cameras. I love being able to see my code interact with the world.

Cars and Motorcycles

I autocross a 1991 Mazda Miata (1.6L sports car) that I've modified in my garage. I ride a 2015 Yamaha R3 (320cc sports bike) as a commuter and take it the racetrack when I can. Just ask me any questions about cars or motorcycles and I won't shut up.


University of Bridgeport

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Class of 2015.
If you're down here, you might as well contact me!
You can email me at, mohammad at